Is A HIIT Workout The Best Workout?

From feeling energized to uplifting your mood, the importance of exercise can never be ignored because the results are simply amazing, both physically AND mentally. Regardless of age, physical ability or sex, everyone benefits from working out. It also reduces stress, helps you to lose weight and gain muscle.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is one form of exercise that is highly recommended. It is a training technique where you use all of your energy to put into a quick, intense burst of workouts which are followed by short recovery periods. These exercises increase your heart rate and burn more fat within a short span of time. During HIIT, the body is depleted of oxygen, but recovers during rest periods between workouts.

How To Work Out On HIIT

Some HIIT exercises include burpees, push ups, high-knees, pull ups, jumping lunges, skipping rope, and jumping jacks. With these exercises, you can do 20 rounds of each workout with a resting period of 10 seconds between each exercise, then repeat three times. If you do this three times a week, the results will be incredible.

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Amazing Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training

YOU BURN MORE FAT: During HIIT, you will burn more fat by training under fatigue. Your body will delay the accumulation of lactic acid and metabolization of both fats and carbs will result in a greater calorie output, hence you burning more fat. HIIT is also known to boost metabolism for 36 hours post workout, which means you will burn fat even when you’re not working out.

GREAT FOR BUSY SCHEDULES: HIIT is an ideal workout for a busy schedule. You can achieve results in a mere 20 minutes of interval training compared to jogging on a treadmill for an hour. A short period of high-intensity interval training will improve your capacity in aerobic and exercise tolerance, as much as what weeks of endurance training would do.

A HEALTHIER HEART: By pushing your body to the anaerobic zone (the point where it’s difficult to breathe and feels like your heart is popping out of your chest), your heart will be strengthened and become more stable. Extreme results are achieved by extreme training. A study has proven that after a month of HIIT, you can cycle twice as long as you could before, while maintaining the same pace.


NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Skipping rope, jumping jacks, knee highs, burpees, and biking are some of the HIIT workout that do not require any exercising apparatus. This translates that HIIT is cost effective and can be done anywhere, at any time. Equipment such as dumbbells can make weight loss less achievable, since the focus will be on muscles rather than on pushing your heart for more fat burning.

INCREASED METABOLISM: HIIT leads to greater production of the Human Growth Hormone [HGM] 24 hours after working out. It is an added advantage since HGM increases burning of calories and also slows the aging process, leaving you looking young and glowing.

CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE: Since no big gym equipment is necessary, you can do it in your house, on a boat, at the park, near the beach, etc. It is easier to adapt to, cost effective (no need to pay for gym memberships), and results are achieved within a short period.

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IT’S CHALLENGING: Doing HIIT requires maximum concentration with minimal to no distractions, meaning you can’t do it while doing something else. As hard as it can be to work out, different short interval exercises make it more fun while burning more fat.

HELPS TO TRAIN MIND AND BODY: HIIT requires you to alternate between speed and a short rest, and you are required to stick to the pace even when you feel depleted. This is why you need to work with your mind to maintain the same pace.

BEAT THE HOLIDAY BULGE: HIIT helps to keep the belly bulge away, even during the holidays when you tend to indulge in junk and not control your food portions. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, because life is short so why not have some fun? You won’t have to worry, because with HIIT, you can snap back within a very short time.

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With the above benefits, HIIT becomes a great deal for any person who wants to be physically fit in a short span of time. It can be done by anyone, regardless of their daily schedule or financial status, so there’s no excuse for not working out. However, to achieve the desired goals, it is necessary to keep your diet in check, with occasional free days to eat whatever you want.

Foods To Eat Before A HIIT Workout

Carbohydrates: Carbs are essential to propel energy into your muscles. They keep you going, especially on the last lap of your exercise where you hit that anaerobic stage. Eat a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, apple slices, or a banana with whole grain bread.

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Caffeine: Caffeine can keep you energized for hours, but don’t drink too much of it or it’ll make you jittery, nauseated and even nervous. With a small amount of caffeine, you will get a jolt that will make your workouts seem much easier.

Foods To Eat After A HIIT Workout

Just because you worked out, it doesn’t give you free reign to indulge in unhealthy foods. Your metabolism will still be going strong long after working out, so don’t overindulge, or you will add more calories than you burned, hence no weight loss. You can eat more of the healthy food to stave off hunger. Make more meals at home, that way you can control what goes into your dishes, like salt, sugar, bad carbs, and fats.

Proteins And Carbohydrates: This duo will help to rebuild what is depleted during a working out. The best choices you can go with are Greek yogurt, a glass of dairy milk, fruits and a cup of cooked vegetables. Greek yogurt will help in squashing hunger after your workout, which will also assist in restoring glycogen.


No Salty Stuff: Working out lowers potassium levels in the body, and so does salt. When potassium is low, it makes you weak, you get muscle cramps, you can feel nauseated, and even have low blood pressure. Your heart and muscles need potassium to work properly, so instead, you can have fruit juices (low sugar or none), vegetables/juices, or a chocolate milk. Prune juice is one of the highest in potassium, and you will notice a chocolate milk feels like heaven (is there any time it DOESN’T feel like heaven?). It’s high in potassium and helps to rejuvenate your body after a hard workout.

Working out is healthy to our bodies. It fights many weight related diseases, makes us feel better physically and mentally, and gives us a boost of self esteem because we look better as well! Be consistent, disciplined and determined, and you shall achieve your goals.